How to wow and engage by Janice B Gordon

How to wowI attended the Evening Standard Business Connection event last week, a network for small businesses. Presentations were given by tech investors and social media leaders. Paul Harrison of Carve Consulting said “you have to fish where the fish are, focus where your customers are and engage them better.”  I love the phase ‘fish where the fish are’!

What Paul means; there is no point using spending time on Facebook trying to engage with potential customers if most of your customers use LinkedIn. Then you need to understand your customer better; if your customers are mainly east coast US the time to communicate is after 1pm, their morning; however, if your customers are more active in the evening you need to communicate after midnight, to get optimum engagement.

Ask Aaron Lee provides an example of how going above and beyond can draw your customers’ attention and create engagement and future loyalty: 

“What WOW-ed me about this tradesman after his team completed the job of fixing and painting the door; he was supposed to come…the next morning to collect final payment…but he brought breakfast for our entire family!  Did it cost him much? Nope. Was it necessary? Nope. But did it leave a great memorable impression on us? YES. He practically sealed any other future renovation jobs that we might have to do” (  

As another example; how do you think a customer would feel if they received a product on time, but then received a call/email/tweet asking them if everything arrived securely and if they needed any help installing the product? Remember if you tweet other potential customers see how your business operates.

‘Raving Fans’ written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles explains that raving fans are customers ‘awestruck’ by the service that they cannot stop telling other people.  Creating raving fans Blanchard and Bowles said “What it take is:

·         a strong vision of what the ‘ideal customer experience’ would look like

·         a focus on making that vision a reality

·         a plan to grow into that vision one small step at a time”. (

Poor service seems to be the norm and so a satisfied customers’ means you have only to meet their minimum standards and then some. It is not that difficult to give great service or to go above and beyond, it is just a focus of attention on your customers’ preferences and needs. This goes back to Pauls’ statement above, to ‘fish where the fish are, focus where your customers are and engage them’.  There I got my favourite phase in three times.

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