What your business purpose Business Processes Janice B Gordon
What is Your Point of Different? Purpose is about creating clarity around the focus of your business, what need do you serve what specific problem you solve for your customer? Purpose enables you to clarify what you do that […]
Many business owners find that despite having run operations in other businesses they feel ill-equipped running their own business. Not having the protection of the umbrella organisation they find it is quite different starting, shaping, growing and planning […]
30 Day Blog Challenge So often we fail to achieve our goals or fail to follow through with our task because we do or have sufficient guidance or motivation. Challenges set a goal and encourage you to plan […]
Can you Break Through Janice B Gordon
Picture from addcrusher.com All too often business set up obstacles in the customer’s journey. Businesses make it difficult for their customers to engage and buy.  You might think this is ridiculous because you have customers. Do you know […]
Stand out from the Crowd ebook.png
It is my birthday today and as a special gift I would like to offer you my free eBook How to Stand out from the Crowd. Have a great day – I intend to J 11 Top Business […]
growth Accelerator
To be honest, I was quite pessimistic about Growth Accelerators when it first started, business owners had to go through a fixed programme of training whether it was relevant to their business level and need or not.  The […]
Baggage Janice B Gordon
The Problem Solver – Transforming your Business This is a case study example of the work I have done to transform the way a business viewed, communicated and serviced its customers and saw a 100% increase in business. […]
Growth Vouchers
What is the Growth Vouchers Programme? Getting the right support to grow your business can be the difference between stalled performance and accelerated progress.  Running a business is challenging but it can be lonely and none of us […]
Personality Janice B Gordon
  Why Customers must Identify, Connect and Engage to Trust and Transact. Personality has become important because customers now have to build relationships through the computer interface and customers want to know, connect and trust the character behind […]