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Stand out from the Crowd ebook.pngIt is my birthday today and as a special gift I would like to offer you my free eBook How to Stand out from the Crowd. Have a great day – I intend to J

11 Top Business Growth Tips

1.    Find and use your unique skill and then brag about it.

2.    Align your customer wants and values with what your business consistently delivers   best.

3.    Customers are not interested in you they are only interested in what you can do for them.

4.    Your reality is not the same as your customers’ perception, which is your reality.

5.    Engage your customers as partners in your business, for feedback, product/service development, strategic direction etc and they will follow you.

6.    Your employees can win or lose you customers, engage your employees to engage your customers.

7.    If you can turn a complainant into advocate, you will have gained a loyal customer relationship.

8.    Treat your customers like your great aunt or a cherished and much love porcupine.

9.    Thank your customer for their custom; never take them for granted they have feet.

10.  Show you care by questioning, listening and responding.

11.  Your business grows in direct proportion to your customer relationships.

Let me know which of the  11 Growth Tips you like and will use?

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Janice

    Good observations there. In the past I’ve chatted with customers like they’re friends as well as clients. In fact, one has become a very close friend since and others buddies too.

    At the end of the day we’re all people. They say people ‘buy people’ not products or services.

    I think if you love your job with a passion that it comes across and that kind of drives everything else.

    • Absolutely we are all people, it is strange to think that not so long ago business was based on systems and products. Thank you for you comments Sarah Stay Well.

  2. LOL Helina. The problem is Helina you have made me laugh, you do irony very well like us Brits, the Brits are not quite out there like our American cousins – I am so interested in you now I want to find out much more – keep it coming – you may not be able to do it in Finland but you have the rest of the world to share your experience in a non braggy way ;-))

  3. Thank you for your comments. Excellent let me know your comments about the eBook Bev.

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