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To be honest, I was quite pessimistic about Growth Accelerators when it first started, business owners had to go through a fixed programme of training whether it was relevant to their business level and need or not.  The programme has since evolved into what it is today, more targeted at the needs of the individual businesses. Here is what participants of the programme have to say:

To be eligible for GrowthAccelerator, your business needs to:

1.    Be determined to develop and grow

2.    Be registered in the UK & based in England

3.    Have fewer than 250 employees

4.    Have a turnover of less than £40 million.

Your contribution is:

1 – 4 employees£600+£700 VAT *

5- 49 employees£1,500+£700 VAT *

50- 249 employees£3,000+£700 VAT *

GrowthAccelerator business coaches work with you to scope out your objectives, help to create clarity on what you want to achieve and by when. It is very much more results focused. So much so the coach does not get paid until the stated results are achieved.

 GrowthAccelerator provides a framework to help you:

•    Build a successful growth strategy

•    Discover new routes to funding and investment

•    Unlock your capacity for innovation

•    Harness the power of your people

As part of the GrowthAccelerator high-growth community, businesses will meet and network with other liked-minded businesses and growth experts, people that have the challenges you are facing and can demonstrate successful results.  GrowthAccelerator will also connect businesses other forms of support like business angel investors, incubators or specialist professional advisers. You can also access of up to £2,000 match funding for senior managers to undertake training that will drive your business further forward.

•    Helping you with your critical business problems and opportunities

•    Identify and develop bespoke strategies with you and your team

•    Devise an implementation plan and accountability relationships

•    Define and actions and behaviours which will deliver desired results.

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I understand that my business support programme may be too intensive for some business owners, so I became a GrowthAccelerator coach to assist more business within a supported programme.  The results speak for themself; GrowthAccelerator has engaged over 18,000 ambitious businesses and were helping participants to grow over 4x faster than the average SME.

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