Janice B Gordon 5 Elements to Goal Achievement


  Often we set goals, but we do not think of the particular outcome and impact of the goal and then sabotage the goal achievement, this is how not to! Our brain thinks in pictures so make your […]
I will be exhibiting at The Business Show this week, and wanted to share with you some of my experiences. I hope to help you consider exhibiting as a valuable means of building your brand awareness and developing […]
What are the 5 Business Growth Factors?   Most businesses start small and stay small. Small does not guarantee survival and staying small is not normally by design.  Why is it that most entrepreneurs start and invest in […]
When is Social Selling – Not Selling?   The answer is never! Selling is social but social is not selling.  Let me break it down. Selling is Social  Selling is helping your customers to buy products and services […]
Business development is not the popular activity of most companies. Business is won and lost by the relationships people make, the presentations of why you should win favour and the conversations that lead to secure connections and winning […]
  Working with business partners who have technical experience but are new to running a retail business, they wanted to know how they could boost their business and gain more customers. You might have the best product or […]
Getting an objective and experienced sounding board in business delivers a 34% increase in revenue. Setting up and growing a business can be a lonely place for leaders and business owners. Companies typically suffer challenges in the area […]
Collaboration is Critical to Business Growth Although I have worked with B2B corporate and established small medium businesses. I wanted to contribute my skills and experience mentoring a Virgin start-up that has a solid technical background. Technically experienced […]
    Businesses must participate in Digital Marketing it helps to grow the business, to increase revenue, to find and attract customers. For all this, small business owners must have an efficient Digital Marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is […]
Getting the optimal results for your business through social media and getting individuals to talk about your business is not without effort. Although social media can be an extremely powerful tool for building the reputation of your business, […]