Janice B Gordon 5 Elements to Goal Achievement



Often we set goals, but we do not think of the particular outcome and impact of the goal and then sabotage the goal achievement, this is how not to!

Our brain thinks in pictures so make your goals visual in the words and the images to describe the goal, this is why vision boards work well.

Make your goals achievable not in the sense that they are not stretching but the goal is within your control. Do not set a goal that is dependent on a whole host of other people doing things and make sure the goal is within your control.  Keep moving forward to ensure you are contributing to something bigger in the future. Your goals must align with your values, so they are in harmony with your purpose and vision.

Think about the consequences of your goals, for example, the effect of not losing weight might be that you continue to increase in weight the result of losing weight might be that you feel attractive and fitter and have more energy and vitality. You may lose or change some of your habits and relationships as a consequence of succeeding in your goal. Understand if you are still committed to the goal knowing all the consequences. There is no point starting unless you are committed to completing and succeeding in the goal and, therefore, willing to suffer the positive and negative consequences.

Your goal is a present picture of a future state.

Write your goals as if it is already achieved, not ‘I want’ but ‘I have,’ this is the present picture of a goal that you can imagine. When writing, your goals make sure you start with the specific end in mind. Think about the intended outcome, for example, if you said ‘I want to have a large house’ your goal would be achieved with a large property investment. However, you may wish to have a lifestyle and so ‘I want to live in a four bedroom home in X area with XXX’ would be a better goal. Ensure your goal is written to achieve your intended outcome.

Your goal achievement has five elements, it’s:

  1. A present picture of your future state ‘I have’.
  2. Within your control and responsibility.
  3. Visual in words and image.
  4. Having possible positive and negative consequences.
  5. Contributing and moving you towards your ultimate vision.

Be careful in writing your goals, ask yourself is the success of my goal what I truly want? Moreover, answer:

  • What will it do for your lifestyle and/or business?
  • What will it do for your family and the important people around me?
  • What will it do for you, emotionally, physically and personally?
  • Why do you want to achieve the goal?
  • What will it feel like when you achieve your goal?
  • Am I willing to suffer the consequences?

Often people set goals, but they do not think of the particular outcome and impact of the goal and then sabotage the goal achievement. Work through all five elements of the goal achievement.

The more thought you can give your goal before your set yourself on the path to creating the required actions; the more committed you are to the goal and the more achievable the outcome.

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