Why define and lead In business proposition Janice B Gordon
Stop competing for the same market be a premium price provider but define the value of the premium package to your customer. A service business owner explained to me that they were able to measure the results of […]
Build a brand Janice B Gordon
We are exposed to 5000 messages a day, how can we expect our customers to distinguish our product or service from other competitors? Build a Brand! I was speaking to a business owner at a networking event recently, […]
How to be successful in business Janice B Gordon
I met a lovely man at a networking event and he told me that he cold called from purchased lists and that he was not happy with the response he got to the mail shots and I thought […]
Are you being distacted Janice B Gordon
There are many more things to consider in business than the bottom line profit. Every minute you are not able to spend on your business or with your family or on yourself costs you. If you’re hourly rate […]
When business fail re-ignite Janice B Gordon
Are you dreaming somebody else’s dreams, how to find you passion and purpose? We so often, take on other people dreams – the dreams of our parents, our partners or our friends – that many of us don’t […]
Have you got the right business partner by Janice B Gordon
In business, the right partner is as important as the right partner in your personal life. When starting a business, you have to spend hours and hours over several weeks researching an idea, analysing the market , writing a business plan, […]
Reignite the dream Janice B Gordon
When businesses fail, learn the lessons and re-ignite the dream Starting a business these days has never been so easy…or so risky. In this harsh economic environment, four out of five start-ups – that’s a staggering 80% – […]
how long will the recession last Janice B Gordon


This is an answer that many people want the answer to. The short answer is: “for the rest of your life!”There is no point mourning the loss of the good old days – when life was relatively easy. […]