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live your dream conceptAre you dreaming somebody else’s dreams, how to find you passion and purpose?

We so often, take on other people dreams – the dreams of our parents, our partners or our friends – that many of us don’t fully realize what our true life purpose is.

I suppose one of the reasons why we don’t take the time to find an answer to this fundamental question is because even though we may be dissatisfied with our lot, the thought of facing our fears and living our dreams is too scary. Sometimes it seems much easier to remain on the current track and not open our hearts and minds to the unknown, even though that may be the thing we really need.

Our lives are busy and demanding, but we need to set aside time for ourselves to exist in a quiet space with no distractions and open our hearts and minds to whatever comes. It’s a time to reserve judgement on the process or the questions that may pop into your mind. Just write your thoughts down as they come. This may take some practice to ‘get into the zone’. Push those thoughts of things like what’s for dinner or the meeting at work the next day completely out of your mind.

Imagine yourself not limited by your past or present circumstances and assume that success is a given. What exactly would you be doing that would bring you endless joy and pleasure? Think about how that thing would make your heart sing with happiness. What big idea would you pursue? When you write these things down, write them as if you have already achieved the success. Give as much detail as possible. Whatever comes to mind that gives you joy, write it down. Note why it fills you with joy, why you are good at this particular activity, what unique skills you bring to it and what benefits it brings to others. Don’t get hung-up on it making sense. Just let it flow from you.

If there are any strong issues that are troubling you, you may have to play out a solution in your mind to be able to put that issue aside. Of course it takes practice, but think of how good you’ll feel when your ideas and desires come to mind.

You need to revisit the notes and apply some order of priority to them. What are you most passionate about? What has the most potential to succeed? Which ideas give you the most advantage because of your unique character or skills?

Once you have prioritised your life purpose and desires, re-write it as a goal that you have already achieved and take a few days to live with your chosen goal. Remember, don’t judge it. Just get comfortable and live with it.

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