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How to be successful in business theI met a lovely man at a networking event and he told me that he cold called from purchased lists and that he was not happy with the response he got to the mail shots and I thought “do we still do that call people and send mail cold?” Then I remembered a conference I attend ‘how to be successful in business’, in a seminar given by Nigel Botterill he used these tools with great success, albeit differently.

The man I spoke to seemed a bit defeated while Nigel is and ball of energy; the difference is belief, this will come across on the phone and in any communication message.

From my financial service experience I know how hard it is talking to people you have no connection with. Having been on the receiving end of cold calls, I know how easy it is to be abrupt when disturbed or running a busy restaurant a cold calls comes-in during the lunch hour!

After years of being rejected using an inefficient process which produces low response rates and feeds negative beliefs by the experience of using the system, however, you keep doing it because it is what you know and you think something is better than nothing…The difference is Nigel has belief in a process that works which feeds his positive belief; he has researched list to find warm connections and tailors the communication to meet the need of the potential customer.

What is the difference that makes the difference?

·         Right Thinking – A positive belief!

·         Right Strategies

·         Right Actions

Do your homework and research the source list to find a connection: know that you have a product or service that will save the potential customer time or money or growth their business; find similar people they might know who will have already benefited for your product or service; research the best time to contact the potential customer and get the full name of the decision maker before you make contact with them.

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