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Build a brandWe are exposed to 5000 messages a day, how can we expect our customers to distinguish our product or service from other competitors?

Build a Brand!

I was speaking to a business owner at a networking event recently, we exchanging information about our respective businesses and he expressed his need for more customers; which is a common problem.

I explained that I mentored business owners to find ‘what business they are in’ and to clarify their unique business personality.  I explained that this unique personality becomes their business character and brand values and that these are with which their customers identify with to satisfy their need for a product or service. Businesses have a responsibility to understand who their customers are and what needs they have that the business can satisfy.

For example a physiotherapist is in the business of pain relief; “their customers’ need relief of pain”, it really is not more complicated than that!

But how do your customers’ find you?  

The business must have a personality; possibly the personal character of the owner, the character of a typical customer or the character of the product.  The physiotherapy is administered to give relief of the customers’ pain but every transaction or touch point, is in the unique character the business.

Think of Virgin or BMW they both have distinct unique personalities, every decision they make is with the specific brand values in mind and the unique character of their customer.  Small businesses usually compete in a crowded market, which is all the more reason to define and distinguish their business personality, character and their brand values; to enable their customers:

·         to find the business attractive and distinctive

·         to identify with the business character and brand values

·         to allow the business to satisfy the customer need

A well defined business personality, character and brand values, well attract customers to your business rather than to other non-descript competing businesses.

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