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Vision Janice B GordonIt is easy to get distracted and lost in business there is so much to clutter your thoughts and divert your mind. I have heard others say that your vision is an articulation of its major goals and ambitions; I do not agree your vision is the reason for your major goals and ambitions.

Your vision is bigger than your goals for the business. It is a thing in the pit of your stomach that is so compelling that everyone that shares your values would want to get on board to your vision.  It is ‘the’ why you have to be in business, and why you have to keep going, it is the thing that gives your business its purpose. My vision is so big that it scares me, it enthrals me, and it excites me. My goals are short (annual) and long (3-5 years), they give me the steps and structure on my journey to my big scary adventure, which is my vision.

Your business is unlikely to progress unless you have a clear articulation of the direction and reasons why this path must result in something with purpose. I articulate my vision in a vision board which I revise annually to reengage with my vision. You might prefer a mind map to demonstrate your vision or write your vision in a statement, whichever way articulate your vision and have your vision on display. I know it is scary to lay your stall out for others to see but until you do, you are not accountable to yourself and not committed to your vision. Only when you are emotionally committed to the vision should you begin the journey?

What is in the Vision Piece?

  • A clearly articulated vision of what success means to you and your business?
  • Make it personal, what is your passion
  • Why you?
  • What your business must do to achieve this vision.
  • Why the vision is important to you and your customer?
  • Outline the need, the pain/problem the vision is solving.
  • Take time to scope out your vision in detail, calculating quantitative values and qualitative behaviours.
  • Create a picture of how your visions success would look like, describe the emotions.
  • Display the vision as a visually, a diagram or a written statement.

All too often I meet businesses without a clear vision of where they are going or why they must be in business. They have no plan of how they are going to get to the goal and ultimately achieve the vision. You would not drive a car having no reason for the journey, plan of the route and no idea of your intention when you reach the destination. So why start or grow a business with little sense of its purpose.

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5 Responses

  1. Great tips Janice. I mapped out my vision for my business about 18 months ago. Having met you subsequently I know that any business would be in extremely safe hands with you working alongside them.

    • Thank you Nicky it is good of you to say. I can see your business is going from strength to strength. Well Done keep it up :-))

  2. Great post, Janice. You clearly point out why having a clear vision is so important. It’s that sense of direction, that will help any business owner in creating a plan for the future. If the destination is success, then getting there without knowing which direction to take will cause confusion and makes the journey a lot longer than necessary.

    • Absolutely Venita, business life is hard enough there is no point making it even hard by going with the wind rather than going with a purpose to your plan

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