What Business Are You In Janice B Gordon

What is your business focus, what I mean by this, what customer needs are you servicing? What pain do you solve? Most business owners describe their business activities, features and benefits.

I have worked with a Chiropractor Clinic; they were working at 50% capacity, needing to grow their business.  When I ask ‘what business they were in’ the owner gave me medical terms and jargon and their business activities. There was nothing in the description about the customers accept as a function of the business.

Without customers you do not have a business so customers are central to the business.

Industry practice for small health professionals is to have a shop front and an answerphone. Industry standards are not necessarily right for your business or great for your customers.

Asking ‘what business are you in?’ helps you to think of your business from the customer’s perspective, to understand the customer journey and what motivates them.

If you do not catch new customers when they are motivated you lose them for a life-time. The customers’ point of view is Next – no compromise!

A Chiropractor like many health professionals is in the business for new customers of ‘immediate pain relief’, their customers wants relief of pain now, everything this business does is to communicate and deliver, quickly and simply relief of pain, immediately and easily.

It is critical to understand what business you are in so you can tailor your business to your customer’s specific need.

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