Networking gets us outI talk a lot about the importance of promoting female role models in business and the benefits of women’s empowerment. If I think about the male role models in my life, my father stands above all others and so I thought I would honour him in celebration of Father’s Day.Cyril Sylvester Loshington Gordon is a man I admire immensely.  Having worked hard from the age of twelve, he left his beloved Island of Antigua because he had a vision to create a better life for his future family in England. Although he was qualified he had the tenacity to accept a job working for Dunlop tyre factory, many of his colleagues have now died of cancer.  He had the tolerance for ambiguity to move to a small village where we were the only black family living in the area for over ten years.

My Father had the flexibility to start again in his late 40’s following divorce he moved to America for better opportunities.  He had the self-belief to take over the running of a grocery store and later bought the building and a few other investment properties, retiring at 70.  At 76 he had a triple heart bypass but within six months was back to walking his five miles 5am ritual, my Father has an unparalleled passion for life.

Cyril Sylvester Loshington Gordon would not think of himself as an entrepreneur but he is certainly entrepreneurial. Joe Robinson author of Work to Live states The 7 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs and my Father has them in abundance

  • Vision
  • Tenacity
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Flexibility
  • Self-belief
  • Passion
  • Breaking Rules

My father is a wonderful role model. He has instilled his two daughters with the passion and the drive to follow our own path, just as he has. Dr Meg Meeker author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters collated data with clinical experience which suggests fathers, more than anyone else, sets the course for their daughters’ lives, she states ‘your father has an impact on your identity, the power to improve your confidence and the way you see yourself’. This has certainly been my experience.

Gender balance and women’s empowerment benefits both men and women, in order to achieve this, men need to be part of the solution.  However, not all women have the benefit of a super hero like Cyril Sylvester Loshington Gordon but this highlights the importance of both female and male role models in life and in business.

Who is your super hero?

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