The entrepreneurs blind spot Janice B Gordon

The entrepreneursIt is important to reflect in business, not with regret but with gratitude and acknowledgement of the progress and achievements made in business.

Entrepreneurs and especially women find it easier to bet themselves up with critical rebuke, than to acknowledge the distance travelled and the achievements made. I call this the entrepreneur’s blind spot; you know when you are so focus on the goal you forget the progression steps made towards the achievement. 

Murray and McClelland look at the need for achievement in high achievers:

Henry Murray[1] first used the term Need for achievement (N-Ach) refers to an individual’s desire for significant accomplishment, mastering of skills, control, or high standards. McClelland  … investigations have indicated that the N-Ach score increases with a rise in occupational level, invariably, businessmen, managers, and entrepreneurs are high scorers.

If entrepreneurs feel that they have not made the progress in business then before you bet yourself up, assess first whether it is your blind spot.

How do you find if you have a blind spot to your achievements? 

1.    Ask at least two people from a variety of contact sources such as your employees, suppliers, partners and network: “What would you say I have achieved in the past year?”

 2.    Ask at least two customers from each of your target markets or minimum of 10 customers: “I appreciate your custom and would like to know, what was it that I did for you that made the difference?” And while you are at it ask your customer “what more can I do for you?”

Record the responses verbatim and reflect on the answers:

·         Is there one overriding theme or several relating themes? 

·         Are you surprised by the responses? 

·         Are there some opportunities that you have missed? 

·         Are there added values in your product or service that you have overlooked?  

·         What have you leant?

Use this information to acknowledge your achievements, to set new goals, to develop new opportunities, to communicate what it is you do for your customers.

Now you have cleared your blind spot and are able to legitimately view your achievements in the past year, you can ensure your achievements are even greater next year?

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