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What can an entrepreneurTo think like an Olympian is to – ‘think like a winner before you have won’, but what characteristics do you need to achieve Olympic feats?

The Guardian sport blog notes: ‘At Pau during the 2007 Tour surprising Bradley Wiggins said “You know, I really didn’t realise I was that good.” From an Olympic champion, world champion and multiple medallists, (his comment) was a jaw dropper.  It also adds to the feeling that here is a person who would like to be ordinary but who has achieved something truly extraordinary, almost in spite of himself. Famously Wiggins likes to hide away, but the ability to retreat from the world is part of what enables him to achieve the total focus on what he does’.  http://bit.ly/RcMiTd

You do not have to lock yourself away in a darken room; but you do have to draw on inner strength to remain focused and committed to your passions.  Like Bradley Wiggins and Richard Branson, great people make what they do look easy because, they are so tuned in to their passion that it is a natural a part of their character, they are often unfazed by their results and do it in spite of themselves.

Sian Phillips sets out the required characteristics in ‘Get the Mind-set of an Olympian’ http://bit.ly/T4lUxE and she states the following characteristic can be applied when ‘embarking on entrepreneurship’:

·         Believe in Yourself
·         Put Your Heart and Soul into Achieving It
·         Work Work Work
·         Always Set Out to Win. Go For Gold
·         Don’t Let it Beat You
·         Never Give Up
·         Stay Cool

All these characters boil down to passion, focus and commitment but in business it is difficult to do it alone. Join other like-minded entrepreneurs who want to create a distinguished business. You will leave the workshop energised, focused and inspired to develop a notable business with personality just like an Olympian.

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