The business processes Frustrates Janice B Gordon

The business processesAn entrepreneur creates a business concept, brings it to life with long hours of sweat and tears; eventually customers buy and the business grows; more processes are put in place to deliver the product or service to the customer. The processes distance the entrepreneur from the customer, but the process creates a barrier that frustrates the customer!  The process allows the entrepreneur to gain more customers and grow the business, but until the loss is greater than the gain, the entrepreneur is not aware that the very same process is losing the business customers.

We have all experienced being highly dissatisfied with business processes such as: the sales assistant who is not authorised to make a decision outside of the process; the being on hold for 5 minutes, then your problem is not solved and the telephonist asks you to call again.

My recent experience was having purchased tickets online, when I got to the theatre box office to collect the tickets the queue was long with only one frantic person doing their best to service both sales and advanced sales pick-up.  While three relax members of staff stood behind the bar wait for customers.  I wondered how much money was lost on the bar because customers could not get there before the start of the performance!

“Poor management of processes is wasting the time of over a quarter of Britain’s staff, according to a survey (Computerworld UK reporter | Published 15:00, 27 February 09) When staff encounter excessive bureaucracy, 7% said sales opportunities were missed as a result and some 16% of employees said customers were dissatisfied, as a direct result of the process issues.”

Align your business processes, products and services to your customer’s wants and needs

·         So your customer gets what they want,  how and when they want it.

This does not mean you become a slave to your customers every whim! This means you calculate the limits of your current processes that the business is able to deliver consistently and within those limits you offer the product or service that your customer wants and needs. 

To find out more about aligning your business processes Janice B Gordon will be presenting ‘4 Steps to Making Your Business Difference’ Workshop on September 10th 2012 Weybridge Surrey


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