What Entrepreneurs can learn from golf Janice B Gordon

What Entrepreneurs can learnErnie Els in his acceptance speech at the British Golf Open Championships gave a gracious acknowledgment that his supporters did not believe he could win, having held the Cup over 10 years ago. He said he changed his mind-set and believed it was possible.

Before a professional golfer hits the ball they visualise where it will land taking account of environment factors such as the direction and force of the wind, the lay of land and hazard alone the route. This is the preparedness. Some golfers take a minute to set their mind and then approach the ball with full conviction and intent.

In business it is no different there will always be environment factors some unforeseen. You may hit the target in one or five shots (decisions) but with the right mind-set you will eventually achieve your goal. Even if it takes 10 years!

I remember when I trained for the marathon, I had honed my strength and fitness level so when it came to running the marathon I knew I could complete the full 40 km.  I set myself an achievable finish time.  It was not about my preparedness at this stage, it was all about my mind-set.  During the last 10km I talked encouraging affirmations through to the end of the race and finished within my target time.

John Hoskison said “There are certain disciplines most top sportsmen and women have in common and normally they are learned through competing and initially failing. Talent alone is rarely enough to make a champion and following is a list of crucial skills a golfer, or any sportsman, needs to hone before fulfilling their true and full potential. (This list can be applied to business)

·         Knowing the Rules in Sport (Game)
·         Importance of Good Preparation (Sharpen your Saw)
·         Hard Work and Success (‘the harder I work the luckier I get’)
·         Mental Attitude and a Winning Frame of Mind” (adopt a winning mind-set)

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Les Brown explains why we should operate out of our imagination rather than our memory and believe that ‘it is possible’.  He gives great examples of limiting beliefs and expanding our imagination to the possibilities. http://bit.ly/PATYBq Les Brown says the difference is:
·         Eyesight -judging on what you see

·         Mind sight –how you interrupt what you see

Les Brown said ‘the easiest thing he did was helping others to succeed, the hardest thing he did was to believe he could succeed himself’.  This was an Ah Ha moment for me, recognising that it is not easy but essential to achieving my big adventure. The key iswinners expect to win! – A winning mind-set is about knowing, believing and feeling this to be true.

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