4015517Leading our regular Thursday morning team meeting, I noticed the team’s energy was subdued and the low energy was affecting my delivery of the information.  I stop, changed track and concentrated the remainder of the meeting on our purpose:

·         Why are we here? Our purpose.

·         Why do we do it this way? Our culture

·         Why do we care? Our values

I managed to get the team fired up and I realised that I understood Why I was doing what I was doing? My job as the leader of this organisation was to ensure everyone else understood Why they were doing what they were doing, too?  As a leader ‘Why’ is the most important question and answer because the How and the What is easier to convey, if the Why is embedded first.

1000Venture.com http://bit.ly/LzHnht explains the structure for creating the Why:

  1. Create an inspiring vision; establish shared values; give direction and set stretch goal.
  2. Motivating: Motivate people through communicating your strategic focus, encouraging and praising people for their achievements.
  3. Yin: Treat employees as owners and Yang: Inspire, challenge imagination…

As leaders we cannot assume that every team member’s behaviour and attitude is going to be aligned by working within the organisations culture. According to a Stanford Research Institute study, 88 per cent of success is about attitude and only 12 per cent is about education http://bit.ly/QaKIFl .  Zig Ziglar summed this up with “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determinesyour altitude.”

How Do Attitudes Influence Behaviour?  http://bit.ly/PliGFz
Researchers have discovered that people are more likely to behave according to their attitudes under certain conditions: ·

  • When your attitudes are the result of personal experience.


  • When you are an expert in the subject.


  • When you expect a favourable outcome.


  •  When the attitudes are repeatedly expressed.


  • When you stand to win or lose something due to the issue.

Our ability to maintaining a positive attitude in both your life and work is a determining success factor, in addition to this, our ability to transfer this attitude to others has a compound affect in the determining success. I have realised in running a business and employing staff the Why is the most important question and answer!

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