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Successful EntrepreneursI complete Joanna Martin ‘Presentation Profits Intensive’ workshop yesterday and woke up pondering one of her statements, ‘no successful person is perfect, in-fact it is a distinct disadvantage’.  Like many entrepreneurs my greatest personal growth has come from my most expensive failures.  This is why I see failure as a learning opportunity.

I talk to entrepreneurs about putting their personality into their businesses, warts and all! It takes courage to face-up to your personal failure. I have found that it is recognition of my personal learning when I can take personal responsibility and tell others about my contribution to the failures. Only then I am able to create distance from the past event and move quickly on to my future successes. Why is it that some entrepreneurs

Kerry Hannon, in USA Today Rebounders: How to get up and succeed after failing, critiques journalist Rick Newman new book ‘Rebounders: How Winners Pivot from Setback to Success’.  Hannon states that ‘Rebounders have found “good ways to fail.” No one person embodies all the characteristics that can help people rise from life’s disappointments”. Here are some key attributes (and strategies) that Newman found’:

·         An ability to accept failure.

·         A desire to take action.

·         An open mind for new ideas.

·         Heroes. “Many have mentors or role models…”

·         An ability to be comfortable with discomfort. (face your fears, deferred gratification)

·         A motivating passion.

Joanna Martin said ‘it is OK to fail at something, it is what makes us human’, she encouraged her participates to face their fears and “do the first one to get it done”.

In my blog 27/3/2012 I stated ‘The business may have failed but you have not. If you find the courage to work through the grief and maintain your spirits, with your new experience, perspective and knowledge you will reap the benefits and can ignite your dreams again’.

It seems that as entrepreneurs we are destined fail, the difference between a successful entrepreneurs and those that are not is our ability to recognise failure, learn from it and move-on; to Rebound.

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