How poor customer service loses customers Janice B Gordon

How poor customer serviceThis morning I went to get a car quote and the body shop manager Wayne introduced me to the service department whose job it was to sign me up for their monthly payment service plan. Wayne has a warm and friendly manner and so I was open to experience the cross-selling initiative. The first person we came across was playing with their mobile and so Lisa in the service department attended to me; she was young and pleasantly friendly.

Following some questions Lisa kept tapping away at her keyboard and eventually and asks mobile phone man for help (her supervisor), without looking up he said that, ‘the quote will come out more expensive as my car was too old!’ As I turned to leave with, Lisa was apologetic and mobile phone man was dis-interested.

What should have happened, the supervisor should have save Lisa from the embarrassment much earlier and offered me an incentive to come in and try at least one service, I live less than 3minutes from the service centre.

I felt disgruntled that I wasted my time and to protective of my beautiful old car to trust this dealership with it in the future. It is a shame because Wayne did such a good job and Lisa tried so hard.

Five Ways to Improve Customer Service Starting Today (Kevin Stirtz)

1. Improve People Skills

2. Make Service a Priority

3. Talk to Your Customers

4. Get Everyone Involved

5. Make it Easy & Convenient for Customers and Employees to Offer Feedback

I spoke to Wayne before I left in the hope that he might be able to influence the management of the service department on impact of poor customer service.

I did not need a service payment plan but is goes to show how good customer service can win business and how poor customer service can lose it for ever!

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