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The fact is, buyers buy on emotion and justify their decision with logic. You must inspire with emotion and offer quality of service and then price becomes secondary to the buyer’s logic. This is because primary decisions are based on emotion in the old reptilian part of your brain.

According to the Sales Brain the old reptilian brain can be stimulated for decision-making through the following 6 stimuli:

  1. Self-centred or me focused – (it only cares about what your products can do for it.)
  2. Contrast – (decision-making is easier with clear difference, bright, light and dark)
  3. Tangible – (make it familiar, simple, easy to understand and relatable)
  4. Beginning and ending (the reptilian bran has a short attention span, state vital information first and last, start and end with a bang)
  5. Visuals and visual words – (lead to very fast and effective connection, visual allow both parties to be on the same page)
  6. Emotions – (the ‘reptilian brain’ is strongly triggered by emotions so, evoke excitement with stories).

So, if the way we all make decisions is enhanced by these 6 stimuli – how can the sales process respond to the stimuli?

Connections between people supported by social technologies have become more valuable  as trusted sources of information. Even business to business is people to people such that interactions with brands are amplified when brands capture the personal interactions, rather than rely on their corporate site for engagement. Whether customer service or sales, customers engage with the individuals.

Potential buyers and customers can always learn more about you through your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google search.  Jill Rowley argues that these social networks can establish your expertise and give prospective buyers a reason to trust you (or not). Even more reason to utilise social platforms and engage using Rowley’s 5 Pillars of Social Selling strategies:

  1. Personal Credibility
  2. ABCing (Always Be Connecting) and Socially Surrounding
  3. Content as Currency
  4. Social Listening
  5. Measurement

Without listening and measurement of your social effort, you cannot change and adapt your content or approach to achieve your goal.

Relationship building using social networks are powering important buyer, customer, user and brand discussions from awareness to purchase and on to brand advocacy. Social selling techniques empower sales teams to leverage the technology of social to make solid human connections between sales people and their potential buyers and customers, helping to scale reach, engagement and new business.

Think Gary Vaynerchuk in his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook as “give, give, give, ask.” You must establish credibility and build trust before you ask for anything, so use the 6 stimuli to enhance your effectiveness.

With the 6 Stimuli in mind here are 24 Ways to Empower Your Sales Process:

  1. Self-centred or me focused:
  • ABC with ‘what can I do for you?’
  • ABC with ‘how can I help you?’
  • Whether offline or online make connection personal to them not you.
  • Find what you have in common.
  • Ask questions and listen.
  • Fix problems quickly
  • Get feedback and act on it.
  1. Contrast:
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Always be personable, be you, real not corporate.
  • State your clear difference.
  • Clarify how it solves the problem.
  • Let your brand demonstrate difference.
  1. Tangible:
  • Naturally match and mirror body, tone and pace.
  • Offer try before you buy.
  • Create video training/blended learning modules.
  • Answer ‘what is it like’ and ‘how will it benefit them’
  • Illustrate ROI and relevant benefits/results.
  1. Beginning and ending:
  • Make you opening words count.
  • Drip-feed content/make bitesize.
  • Simulate thought/ask advice.
  • State your objective, have an agenda and follow the plan.
  • When buyer is ready make them an offer and stop talking.
  1. Visuals and visual words:
  • Use images and video to convey meaning.
  • Use visual words like see, imagine, illuminate, picture, reveal, vision and bright.
  1. Emotions:
  • Storytelling is an experience that creates a positive emotion.
  • Inspire with emotion – buyers buy on emotion.

A story that makes your listener or inspires them to feel a connection with you, or empathise with your customer is a small bit of human connection that will make all the difference.

Try stimulating your sales process, after all, emotion buys and logic decides.

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