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12 Social Selling Strategies - Janice B Gordon

12 Ways to Build as a Sales Process with Social Selling

12 Social Selling Strategies - Janice B Gordon

In this digital age, social media marketing has become indispensable for many businesses in competitive markets creating brand awareness. When it comes to building relationships, brand recognition is a prerequisite for attracting customers.

Social media can effectively build brand awareness. Social selling is leveraging these digital networks to create and nurture relationships that enhance your sales efforts. It is about building relationships and establishing the trust that enables your company to sell ideas, establish credibility, attract talent and win customers.

You must not only strategically create brand awareness but communicate your value and competitive uniqueness to your target customer throughout the entire buying process through social selling.

Not all opportunities will match with mutual benefit; social listening helps you understand the customer relationships that fit your brand. The success of the relationship is identifying and communicating the difference in value which will create a competitive advantage for your customers.

Business is won and lost by the strength of the relationships people make; social selling strategies help you to create opportunities to develop conversations that engage decision-makers and present how your product matches your buyer’s specific needs.

Why is Social Selling Worth It?

A study by the Aberdeen Group research demonstrates the power that social selling has to grow sales and retain customers:

  • 64% of sales teams that use social selling hit quota, compared to 49% that don’t.
  • 46% of sales reps using social selling achieve quota, 38% who are not, don’t.
  • Sales reps who use social selling report a customer renewal rate of 55% and a sales forecast accuracy of 54%.

The process of gaining competitive advantage for your customer by influencing and engaging at the highest level and creating strategic value-added solutions to address the buyers most serious problems and opportunities. Jim Pancero said of strategic selling “the more of a differential you can show me in value the more of a differential I will be willing to pay in price.”

Here are 12 Social Selling Relationships Build Strategies:

  1. Successful attracting customers lies in staying connected to customers, prospects, users, and influencers. Social networking sites help you to stay connected and responsive to your customers. Keep the conversation going.
  2. You must encourage all employees within your company to engage and socialise, not just sales and marketing function if you want to grab buyers and decision-makers attention through your posts and content. Then amplify them
  3. Your people must be responsive to your customer’s complaints, questions, creating opening and opportunities, to do this you must be responsive and in active listening mode.
  4. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! Publish user reviews, along with case studies of happy customers and ask for testimonials and endorsements.
  5. You can have a presence on social media, or you can have a social media presence? One is strategic, and the other is wasteful. Social media managers must strategise relevant posts and links that qualify and move customer and keep them engaged, giving the impression that there is a human who cares about them and their problem.
  6. Companies must no longer just help solve problems; they must anticipate needs and help their customers scope the problem, providing a bespoke solution by lending your expertise. Social helps your company to listen in and identify the issues before speaking to a buyer.
  7. Use pictures and video to maximise your brand presence online, content in images attracts more interest. It allows your customer to experience more in less time.
  8. Consistently publishing relevant and original blog content helps potential customers know your company, your brand its personalities, this also builds trust, have a content purpose.
  9. Use insights to understand who and what engages the most with your brand and content to convert the right leads into happy customers
  10. Share content with context into why your product solves industry-related and specific customer needs, independently compared to other competitor products.
  11. Demonstrate your company culture and individual character; buyers buy from people, not corporate machines. Does your company make people smile not only customers but the employees? If you can make someone smile you have won them over, make your audience smile through your engaging and inspiring posts on social media. Think how you can make the boring uniquely interesting.
  12. How can you experience what you expect your customer to experience? During the buying process your customer’s journey can be stalled at every twist and turn, how vigilant are you in monitoring and improving their experience of your company. Can you afford not to be persistently at the top of your game?

Do not let your business lose out to your competitor who is already developing their strategic social selling campaign. Competitive social selling in today’s markets demands highly-skilled relationship building across online platforms.

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