3329282Here is the Problem

You start the year with all good intentions, you make our plans and execute the actions, you get some results and feel you are making progress and then it starts to get messy. You are not as consistent because there are many more distractions in building and delivering business and you start to feel the stress of keeping up with actions. You have begun to lose sight of your original plans and find you are spending time on activities not reaping rewards.

This is quite natural; this is the time to review your goals and your progress. A mid-year review is an opportunity to evaluate whether you are still on track and if not, to establish the actions necessary to get back on track.

4 Stages of Goal Setting: 

1.    Set the context for your goal; state your Big Scary Adventure, Purpose or Mission
2.    Recommend setting one goal and only set another once you have achieved the goal.  However, you can set one goal for each area of your life (Business, Family and You).
3.    Ensure your goal is written down and is SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable or Action-orientated, Relevant or Realistic and Timescale).
4.    Break down each goal into clear and specific actions which will achieve the desired results.

How to Stay on track and Achieve your Business Goals?

5.    Have an accountability buddy, someone close to you that you report progress of goals (mentor, partners…).
6.    Set and celebrate milestone successes you do not have to wait for the goal to be achieved, celebrate remaining focused – remember life is a journey.
7.    Focus your thinking on new behaviours and new thought patterns; create new neural pathways in your brain to change old habitual behaviours.
8.    Do not race ahead of yourself judging what has not happened, focus on the present. ‘What is the one thing you can do today, right now, which moves you towards your goal’?
9.    Be mindful, become physically, emotionally and mentally aware of your inner state as each external event happens, give yourself a break!

There is little point beating yourself up if you are not on target, there may be good reasons. A plan gives you the opportunity to easily track results because you have a stated beginning and end point to benchmark, create a corrective course of action which will steer your business away from under-achievement.

The Solution

Richard Branson said “Unfortunately there’s no shortcut or magic recipe to success – or if there is, I haven’t found it yet.”

Achieving the results you want in business takes commitment to a goal and a plan of how you are going to achieve it in consistent actions. Having the experience of the previous six months, will enable you to inform your target and amend your actions to ensure success. Reward yourself for the progress to date and focus not on what did not happen but what will happen in the next six month. To succeed it is critical that you review, evaluate and adjust your actions.

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