Businesses have not adapted to the connected way their customers communicate. Their focus is on selling their product and services features and benefits to the customer but this focus is all wrong.

Customers broadcast their pleasure and their displeasure to others with great ease and so they can influence thousands of potential customers and many existing customers.  It is difficult managing all these new and existing relationships but it is made more difficult if it is not on your radar.

Too often I meet business owner who do not know how many customers are not returning or specifically why their customer continues to buy.

In my book Business Evolution I talk about the levels of customer service and ways of wowing your customer. In the previous video I talked about the 3 ways to grow your business, here I give 3 strategies to keep your customers happy and to keep them coming back for more – through customer experience strategies. 

1. Customer Retention is Key

Existing customers buy over 60% more than new customers so it is important to deliver consistently high service standards and give great customer experience.

2. Existing Customer can buy more, more easily.

If you have a great relationship with your existing loyal customers having invested in a great customer experience and focused on maintaining high satisfaction, then you can:

  • (up sell) get your loyal customers to buy high value products because now you are a trusted supplier.
  • (cross-sell) offer your loyal customer related products from a third party partner or other products within your range.
  • These strategies may extend to developing product for and with your customers.


3. Word of mouth Drives Customer Acquisition.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool but do not think this does not work on social media, it can be as powerful if a recommendation comes from someone you do not know, if the message is consistent with other recommendations and testimonials in converting prospects to customers. This can mean:

  • Incentivize your existing customers to acquire customers on your behalf.
  • Using your existing customer testimonials to broadcast their great customer experience of your service to other potential customers. 

Great customer experience can create customer loyalty and can attract many more when it is broadcast to your customers connected community of prospects, making more customers.

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