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Influence – How to Win Friends in Business

9629266The business world is changing from a ‘me first’ culture to a social collaborative globally connected culture. It is said that 15% of our financial success is due to your technical knowledge and the other 85% is due to your personality and our ability to influence others.

I have seen in my 25 years in business that what we do is becoming less important than  how we do it and who we know is less important than who you are. Dale Carnegie published in 1937, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and its message is still relevant today:

·        Be genuinely interested in the world of others.

·        Practice remembering their names.

·        Listen more talk less.

·        Sincerely make others feel more important.

·        Smile a lot.

Businesses that focus on their customers consistently outperform their competition. Customer’s make it possible for businesses to exist and grow, make your customer the centre of your business world. http://bit.ly/18uEmaG

I interviewed Lord Noon, the ‘Curry King’, who sold one of his businesses for an estimated £65million http://bit.ly/1aHOgt8l. Lord Noon said “never put yourself first”; he knows the names and numbers of the Chairman, the CEO and the buyers of all his customers.  He also said “if you make a mistake or cannot meet a commitment tell you customer”. Lord Noon continues to successfully build his businesses on building personal relationships. To build relationships you must:

1.     Understand your customers world and their problems

2.     Understand what you can consistently deliver

3.     Give more than your receive

4.     Communicate openly

Business is not for the Meek 

You have to be bold but humble and believe in what you have and ask for what you want.  Lord Noon, like many other successful entrepreneurs, knocked on the door of many big businesses and never accepted no for an answer.

Jeff Goins offers, ‘the key to getting influential people in business to do things is not to; instead try to help other people and make friends’. He said he will

·        Invite someone to breakfast or coffee.

·        Ask for a few minutes to chat on the phone.

·        Listen, smile, and thank them. http://bit.ly/176WObJ

If you want to influence in business, build personal relationships and make friends.

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Janice B Gordon: The Problem Solver Business Growth Consultant, Mentor, Speaker and Author. Business Evolution – Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World will give you the guidance you need to evolve you and your business and exceed your customers wants and needs.