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Business failure best feedback Janice B Gordon

Business Failure is the Best Feedback You Will Ever Receive!

Janice B Gordon Interviews Lord Noon

Lord Noon sold his business Noon Products to Kerry Foods for an estimated £65 million; he talks to Janice B Gordon, The Problem Solver, on the digital Croydon TV Business Show about his business challenges and his unshakeable “fire in the belly”. Lord Noon has suffered several setbacks in his business life but he says “Accept Challenges Never Defeat”.

Lord Noon said his partnership business in American was a ‘100% failure’ but he does not regret losing £2 million. He explains that “failure often brings opportunity” and although many people thought he would return to India with his tail between his legs, Lord Noon went on to make many more £millions with the lessons he learnt. He learnt how to produce mass food without losing its authenticity and quality, this enabled Lord Noon known as the ‘Curry King’ to grow his business offering ready meals for the supermarket sector, the airline food sector and export.

It is natural and quiet usual to fear failure. We would do anything to avoid failure, but to succeed we have to risk that we many fail.  The fear of failure can be so paralysing that so many capable people fail to start and so fail anyway. If we understand that failure is just a small part of our journey that we cannot proceed without taking a step forward, the failure is not taking the step. I have learnt more from my failures than my successes and it has never been fatale only hard, hard to take the next step, not hard to fail. I have come to realise that others who look on failure as shameful may never have risked failure and still fear it and only project their fears on others. I now look on failure as feedback and know the lessons bring me closer to my successes.

Lord Noon is stoical stating “failure will visit you several times but Kick it out!” Lord Noon states three values critical to business success “Tenacity, Determination and Courage”, he credits his Mother with instilling him with integrity.

What are your business values?

You will not regret reading this: Noon, with a View: Courage and Integrity (2009) ISBN 978-1-904445-79-1 – A great story of a business life well lived, through his early challenges, like a Phoenix Lord Noon rises out of the ashes to achieve great The Noon Foundation advances the educational relief of poverty and alleviates racial discrimination.

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