9887476Mark Schaefer gives three examples in Turning online Influence into offline Results, http://bit.ly/17ZT1eG, he says “I will go out of my way to help friends who make an authentic attempt to relate to me as a person and build a relationship. It seems so simple, but 99% of the businesses out there are doing it wrong.” I came across an event on twitter, which I attended Gèlè Tea @gele_tea, the couture fashion show and afternoon tea, which raises awareness of dementia ladies are asked to wear a Gèlè (decorative head-wrap). The fundraising event for dementia UK shone particular focus on the needs of black suffers.  It really brought home to me how lucky I am for 2 main reasons.

Firstly: My Uncle suffers with dementia but he has a large and loving family and is happily cared for within it and at the moment his condition is moderate. However at this event I was made aware of the issues black patients suffer in care homes.  Can you imagine having skin so dry that you want to scratch it off, it keeps you awake at night, it is liken to feeling like spiders clawing all over you, however, you cannot communicate this clearly to your carers and if you could for health and safety reasons they could not give you oil so instead they medicate you to keep you quiet because you are considered aggressive.

Secondly: At the event I met a few of my twitter online connections for the first time. We really do engage with people that we share common values and interest with.  Meeting and liking the personality behind the twitter profile makes me want to support their business even more.

I talk a lot about ‘Personality comes before Business’, and I got to know the following personalities:


  •  Flora Awolaja @positiveimagep Positiveimageproject is a Social enterprise, child centred creative consultancy focusing on Black culture, Education, Publishing & Social awareness. They have a great book coming out soon which will help carers care for black children.
  • Toks Aruoture @punkinpatch is mum to 4 boys, wife and interior designer obsessed withluxury baby nursery and children’s bedrooms. punkinpatch.co.uk 
    Cindy Cheung  ‏@missiecindz  a graphic designer has #blogtacular everyday writings in her notebook that via her blog she inspires & cook up delicious things, see has a beautiful design eye and light touch.
  • Jenny Garrett @JenniferGarrett Executive coach and author Rocking Your Role#femalebreadwinners. I meet Jenny online a year ago and we have since shared many contacts and stages.  We are both on stage at #BreakingBarriers 17th Sept –http://ow.ly/oEsd2 

It is so important to develop online connections offline. It is difficult to develop partnership and alliances without being able to judge whether what you think is true.  So much more information is processed face to face from the handshake, the movement of the eyes, the body language, the ease of conversation, the shared experiences, the warmth of relationship and most consequently your level of trust.  All these things are so much more difficult to gauge through the filter of say 140 characters.

I will certainly attend Gele Tea event next year and invite many more twitter influencers, an amazing opportunity to develop meaningful relationships and potential business alliance. Could you create a community of friendships with shared values and interest, while spreading awareness for a cause, over afternoon tea?

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