Dealing with challenges Janice B Gordon

challenge-acceptedYou cannot choose your challenges in most cases that said; you can always choose how you react when they come along. Challenges will come and when they do ‘divide and conquer’.  Deal with the most difficult challenge first when you are full of beans and fresh and able to take it on; then you will feel energised to complete the remaining easier challenges thereafter.

When a challenge presents itself, you cannot solve the problem using the same thoughts and actions that created the problem in the first place.  Take a moment to re-phrase the way you look at the problem, do not put it off and worry about the problem, this will not change it or make it go away; perhaps this problem could become your biggest business opportunity?

Step back and disconnect any emotional attachment to the problem or to who created the problem. Remember the challenge could be an opportunity ‘it is not a personal vendetta’. Think of it as a chess game: consider all the options, look for the opportunities and lessons, and look at the problem from a different perspective.

It is easy when you are so busy running a business you do not get time to look-up and take stock, so when a problem presents itself your habit is to go for a quick solutions rather than approach the problem with a different mind-set.

If you have a mentor or senior management team, this may be time to use them as a sounding board and benefit from their mindset of ideas and experience.   A fresh insight from a mentor, a colleague, a fellow entrepreneur or an employee may lead to unforeseen opportunities.

Do not overlook your employees, sometimes they have the most creative solutions; depending on the problem, involve them by setting a competition for ideas and reward them for their engagement.

Gaining a new perspective on the problem may actually excite you and your employees; energise the business and create further opportunities for the business.


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