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An unexpected package delivered by courier, I was shocked and surprised because it was an unexpected gift.

In The pursuit of wow Tom Peters describes What is “Wow!”? ‘Wow!’ is excitement that makes you and your company stand out from the crowd.” The book was my first introduction to the concept of ‘WOWing’ your customers.

We are all customers whether employees, suppliers, customers stakeholders or fans. Customers are people you must engage, build a trusted relationship and who buy and refer you and your products or services. Average does not ‘WOW’, what we are all looking for is that little something special.

Here are 5 different ways to ‘WOW’ your customer:

  1. A heartfelt thank you is a gift, it is wonderful to let someone know that they are valued.
  2. An opportunity is a gift, and lets the receiver know that you trust them.
  3. A referral gives the referred and the referee confidence.
  4. Even an expected purchase is a gift if it comes with unexpected benefits or enhancements. The things that let you know that the product or person is cherished.
  5. And of course, a present is a gift, but a present no matter how small that has meaning has a bigger impact.

In business, we forget to put our personality in to creating a personal experience. When you think of building and maintaining your relationships, remember your personality is your biggest asset and think of the common interest and personality traits that are meaningful for your customers.

Relationships must to be reciprocal to work long term in partnership, otherwise it is just transactional and fleeting. We reciprocate naturally in our personal life but do not do this nearly enough in business. Personally, we give because we love the person and have a trusted relationship. Then why is it that in business we want to build trust but do not give ourselves so freely without wanting something in return.  Trusted relationships will always reciprocate as the trust develops.

When customers receive something you least expect. What happens, when you wow your customer they will talk about you and recommend you. You do not what to be selling, you want your customers to buy into you and recommend you. People will want to reciprocate when you go the extra mile and care about them.

Not everything you do will be excellent! The ambition and actions necessary to ‘WOW can make all the difference.

Sadly, my HP Spectre laptop has been sent away for repair twice in 18 months, however, the process has been quick and efficient. I do remember being ‘wowed’ when I received the package. When I opened the HP box I could see the box was beautifully engineered, the box said something about the quality of the product, because the care the designer had taken to create an experience. Although I paid for the product and the box, the experience is memorable and shareable. The fact that the product has not lived up to my expectations, it has not deterred me from HP, as my pre-and post-experience has been excellent. Maybe I would think twice at buying another Spectre laptop.

What’s the extra special gift that you can consistently deliver that will please your customers?

‘WOW’ is not just the product, it is all the touch points in delivering the customer an experience before, during and after and on-going. Think about how you can deliver your customer an experience that your customer will want to share.

  • Think about was matter to your customer?
  • What would they consider to be over and above? And it does not have to be costly or time consuming!
  • What can you deliver that would set you apart and above other suppliers?

Do you know what are the touchpoints in your customer journey that you do well and which touchpoints need improvement? If not, survey, plotted and measured your customers entire journey to assess:

  1. What customer experiences do you currently deliver well that you ‘WOW’?
  2. What customer experiences do you currently deliver poorly that you can and must improve?

Jack Mitchell, chairman of Mitchell’s Family of Stores a third-generation family business and author of the iconic book on customer service, Hug Your Customer.  Jack said, “At the heart of every customer transaction is a personal relationship built on trust and on truly knowing the customer. Knowing their golf handicap. Knowing their dog’s name. Knowing they like to be called Jack, not John, Kathy with a ‘K’ or Cathy with a C’.

My belief and experience of working directly with customers is that it does not matter if your customer is happy or unhappy; a ‘wow’ service standards turn a dire situation good and good situation great. You do not have to treat unhappy customers any different to happy customer, just give a wonderful experience always, that is win-win.

Follow these 5 principles for turning good to great ‘wow’ customer experiences:

  1. Thank or apologise to your customer.
  2. Tell them what you are going to do, when and how.
  3. Personally, follow-up that it is done.
  4. Thank or apologise to your customer.
  5. Do something surprising and unexpected for your customer. And repeat!

These 5 powerful guideline principles will exemplify a focused customer service and deliver ‘WOW’ customer experiences.

Janice talks more about this theme in the chapter Process, in her book Business Evolution Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World.

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