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Janice B Gordon SEO for Google first page

5 Great Ways to Improve Your Company’s Website Google Ranking and ROI

Janice B Gordon SEO for Google first page

Companies with websites on Google’s first page, earn a massive 275% increase in their ROI. However, if your website is on page two or page “nowhere”, it is as if you are not in the market at all.

Data is now an essential part of daily life and work. Customers use the internet for research, and to compare and check feedback about products and services before buying. If your customers can not find you on the internet; then your company does not exist for them.

Every company needs to show – up and be present on the web, and visible in search; otherwise, it is commercial suicide. Maintaining Google ranking is a critical issue for any company that wants to improve their online visibility and ROI. If you are not yet convinced here are some more stats:

  • 95% of users only choose results on the first page.
  • 80% of users chose organic results of the page stating it is more relevant.
  • Social media influence 93% of buying decisions.

“If people can find you they can buy you.”

5 Great Ways to Improve Your Company Website Google Ranking and ROI

  1. Add keywords and tags

It is necessary to enhance the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website with relevant keywords and tags, to feature high in the organic results. Google gives you many opportunities to help highlight the key messages of your content with meta description, title tag and keyword density. The SEO starts from the code of the website and evolves with each update.

  1. Decide your online objectives

In the same way that you would decide your business objectives, confirm your online objectives. Then measure everything that moves on your website and analyse the data such as, how many people visit, from what source and for how long they stay or bounce. You can use Google analytics or other measurement tools, to make relevant decisions to achieve your objectives.

  1. Create great content

If you frequently share excellent quality and original content on your site, it will be easier to appear in the top search. That’s why having a blog on your website can increase the number of visitors and helps Google to rank your position.

Don’t forget to see what your competitors are doing online, research, analyse, understand why they do what they do and the impact it has.  Use your creativity and your unique personality to build your action plan to secure your ranking, brand values and visibility and customer engagement.

  1. Use social media

The use of links on social media platforms is an excellent way to promote your website. You must develop your company and individual social media accounts, link each one together, engage and drive customers into the focal point which is your website. You can use social media advertising and other list building strategies to target specific people and grow the relationship.

  1. Get interesting links

Linking your website through to other credible and relevant site helps Google ranked your website. Google will determine your credibility from your website back-links. Take advantage with links to your published press releases, notable directories and publications or other relevant articles.

If you have any chance of appearing somewhere on Google’s first page rather than on page nowhere, you must develop a long-term online strategy, and measure your activity with data analytics. Increase your online visibility and return on your time invested by applying a consistent long-term strategy, so your ideal customers find your company and ultimately buy your products.


This article is written by Janice B Gordon and Eloïse Cangou

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