3 questions to create Focus Janice B Gordon

I created the “Essential 4 Ps” to help business owners cut through the noise and create clarity and focus to develop relevant growth strategies. The book Business Evolution is full of insights, strategies and practical applications so that you can immediately apply the insights to your business.

Technology allows people to connect like never before. The book looks at the way we can connect, engage, build relationships, transact, and even WOW your customers. To create growth in a relevant way in the rapidly changing global world, to connect with others you need to connect with yourself first.

My mission is to motivate your thinking into action – your thinking can change your action so take responsibility for the consequences of what you think and attract. My experiences have made me more driven, more empowered, because I know that I have the ability to choose my thoughts.

One of my lessons learnt is to clear the clutter is to ask – Where is it?

  1. Ask – “Is it in the past?” If you’re thinking about something that has past, if you cannot change it, it is already gone, time or money already spent. It is done. Leave it alone, it is history so put it away.
  2. Ask -“Can I change it?” If it is something you can have an impact on then change it and change it now. Get it out of your head and act on it right away. It is cluttering up your mind and taking a lot of energy.
  3. Ask -“Is it in the future?” If it is something in the future, then why are you thinking about it now? Why is it taking up valuable space in your mind? If there is nothing you can do about it yet, leave it alone for now, and come back into the here and now.

If you want your outcomes to be different in your life and in your business then you need to start acting and so thinking differently. The exercises in Business Evolution are designed so you come out with solutions, the answers that are relevant to you, your customers, your business and the people within and around your business.

If business is like looking for a needle in a haystack, then my work is about magnetising the needle so all you need to do is clear a path and that needle will come to you. Business Evolution – Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World will help you to get on your path – get it on Amazon.

Whether you are ready for the next stage of growth or just starting out, Business Evolution will give you the guidance you need in your business to Evolve IT!

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The ethos of my book ‘Business Evolution, Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World’ is to be global, think local and act personal. In the book you will learn to align your business personality, your purpose and your processes to your customer’s pleasure. www.business-evolution.biz

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