Business Evolution author Janice B Gordon

I am so excited to be publishing my book, Business Evolution- Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World.

The world of business is changing but is your business changing along with it? Do you worry about the pace of change? Are you sure of your business focus and where your business is headed as the world shifts around you? or could you use a little guidance in how to adapt and grow in the face of all the distractions, challenges and accelerating global change?

I am a business consultant and business mentor with twenty-five years of experience of growing and starting business and advising larger businesses. My unique skill is creative thinking and guiding businesses through change and growth.  I see it all so clearly and the key to business growth is the alignment of brand YOU to building your customer relationships.

I created the “Essential 4 Ps” to help business owner cut through the clutter and noise and create clarity and focus to develop the right growth strategies. The book is full of insights, strategies and practical application so you can immediately apply the insights to you and your business.

Personal Business Personality – you must be identifiable in a rapidly changing world. What are your values? What can you do that one else can do in the way that you do it?

Purpose – ‘What business are you in? Business Evolution helps you to answer – what is your business focus?

Pleasure – ‘what’s your pleasure sir/madam?’ You cannot know the answer to this question until you know and understand your customer desires and their language.

Process – so often businesses attract customers, get them to the door and then make it difficult for them to transact. We create systems that are illogical to our customers.

The global world has become personal. Technology allows people to connect like never before. This book looks at the way you can connect , engage, build relationships , transact, and even ‘WOW’ your customers and so you can create growth in a way which is relevant the rapidly changing global world. 

Whether you are ready for the next stage of growth or just starting out, Business Evolution will give you the guidance you need to EvolveIT!

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The ethos of my book ‘Business Evolution, Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World’ is to be global, think local and act personal. In the book you will learn to align your business personality, your purpose and your processes to your customer’s pleasure.

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