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How to Attract Customers with your Business Personality?

Capture d’écran 2014-08-04 à 16.48.16Your uniqueness is what distinguishes you and as 
Dr Suess once said “there is no one ‘You-er’ than you.”

Have you thought?

  • I want to grow my business – how do you make it identifiable when all is changing around me?
  • With so much competition for customers globally how can I stand out?
  • How do I identify my uniqueness?

I relish and embrace the way the global economy is moving, even connecting business2business is about connecting people2people; business is moving away from “who you know” and towards “what you stand for and who you are”. The global world has become personal and technology allows us to connect easily – my book Business Evolution looks at the way we can connect with others to create growth.


  • How do your customers know they like and trust you unless they feel they know you?
  • How can your customers identify with you until they know that you share similar experiences, values or views?

Social psychology teaches us that similarity is a crucial determinant of interpersonal attraction. I propose that we use what is naturally true – ‘like attracts like.’ This is relevant not only for your customers but employees, colleagues, shareholders and suppliers.

There is enough in the world for all so work with what you have in abundance, you are ‘you-err than you,’ attract similarity with your personality. Just like a group of loud people on a train, quieter people will notice the loudness because they are dis-similar and naturally not attracted to this group, however, there will be others on the train wanting to join the loud conversation.

Putting your Personality into your business so your ideal customers can find you, engage with you and buy from you is the key to business growth. Through your authentic personality, you can magnetise and attracted customers to you and your business.

My book shows you how to drill down and look at the key characteristics of your personality. When you portray these characteristic in your business, people like you, trust you and will be attracted to do business with you. Most people hate being sold too; instead I show you how to pull customers in with your personality.

All you need is to get your authentic engagement and attraction message above the parapet and become identifiable. I talk you through the insights and provide exercises for creating your story, your word and identifying your core strength; I tell my hippo story and share my mantras. You will love the Business Evolution- Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World – get it onAmazon 

Whether you are ready for the next stage of growth or just starting out, Business Evolution will give you the guidance you need in your business to Evolve IT!

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The ethos of my book ‘Business Evolution, Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World’ is to be global, think local and act personal. In the book you will learn to align your business personality, your purpose and your processes to your customer’s pleasure. www.business-evolution.biz