nicki pattinsonI met Nicky Pattinson at the Super Growth Conference and much of Nicky’s presentation resonated with my views; she demonstrated some of the values that I talk about in my book Business Evolution.  Nicky says “the earths energy has changed; intuition has increased so we know when someone is talking bullocks.” This sums up beautifully why we must change how and what we sell to customers.

More people are becoming self-employed or self-directed in their working lives and so business is becoming somewhere to express not just what we do but who you are, your business is an extension of you.  In Business Evolution I talk about ‘what you can you do that no-one else can do in the way you do it?’ I tell you how to put your unique character into your business which is what I call Personal Business Personality.

We both agree that you do not think of Virgin group without thinking of Richard Branson. Nicky talks about how to ‘sell yourself into a better life, stating “nobody buys you because you are good – customers buy you, even my faults have become my fortune.”’

The risk of being you is that not everyone will love what you do and will not buy from you – this is great, it is better to find out early and move on to someone who will love what you do. Before Nicky spoke a delegate described Nicky as marmite ‘you either love or hate’ her. Well I loved her!

Being vanilla, bland or uniform will not touch the emotions of your customers. Selling is an emotional transaction, to get an exchange of money for the benefit of a service or product, you need to touch your customer with our personality, you need to give something of yourself to the experience, you need to share a memorable moment, you need to make it meaningful to the customer.

Selling is an exchange of experience in a moment in time, it is not a scripted moment – every moment is different; every person, every situation and every mood is different.

This moment can be an exchange of:

  • Humour
  • Experience
  • Values
  • Language
  • Aspirations
  • Culture
  • Passion

To make it meaningful you must listen for meaningful clues. In order to exchange and convey your words you must listen to your customer’s words.

Nicky asks “What does it feel like to be in your presence?” I thought ‘great question’ – this is what you are selling – the moment, customers must feel something, some connect must happen. This is moment or great presence is all done with words, the words you say and the way you say your words.

I ask you to think about the language you use in selling yourself and to watch your words, to find your own authentic language and to kiss your customers with your own authentic personality. 

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