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I would like to talk to you about Purpose one of the chapters in my book; Business Evolution, Creating Growth in Rapidly Changing World. Purpose is about creating clarity around the focus of your business, what need do you serve what specific problem you solve for your customer? To help I ask ‘What business are you in?

It is important to identify the focus of your business so that customers get what you are going to do for them. At the end of the day, the reason why we are in business is because we want to reach more customers, grow the business and make profits.

What business are you in?

For example if you were a physiotherapist, you are be in the business of pain relief. The reason new customers will come to you is because they want immediate relief from physical pain, so the purpose of your business is immediate physical pain relief. You are not in the business of a physiotherapy, it is not about you; you are in the business of immediate relief of your new customers physical pain. Purpose is about being focused on your core objective. Your purpose is to solve your customer specific problem and then to ensure everything in your business is aligned to that purpose.

If you do not know your purpose why would you expect your customer to do the work? This is your job. It is your responsibility to deliver your message to your customers clearly, “I will relieve your physical pain immediately”.

In Business Evolution Purpose I ask what business are you in. What’s your why? I talk about your brand story, finding your Why and conveying your message clearly so your customers can say yes.

So “What business are you in, what need do I serve, what problem I solve?” The answers to these questions are your guiding beacon that gives you a clear direction of what you do for your customer, in order to serve your customer well.

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