In her book Hard Choices, Hilary Rodham Clinton said, “All of us face hard choices in our lives. Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become.” You must take responsibility for the decisions you make which are right for you at the time. Business school taught me that decisions are made with imperfect and incomplete information; this is the point of you attuning your skills so get over it.

Women Are Their Own Worst Enemy.

I remember in an interview being asked whether I had ‘work life balance’ my answer was that ‘it is a fallacy that work life balance exist’, there are time in my day, my week, my month or my year that are out of balance and there is a reason for this, either a deadline, a new business demand or a family commitment so I accept it is OK. I believe when  I look back I will have had a life, I like to work hard and I love to play, so I do not measure my life in terms of balance’.  I know it is important to listen to your body, it tells you what your mind and body needs.

I agree with Hilary Rodham Clinton when she says ‘what is unforgivable is not putting 100% into what you do’.  I believe you are a long time dead so while you are here you must live to your fullest capabilities and do your very best, you must make choices and most importantly learn to be OK with your choices and move on.  There are not many mistakes or issues that cannot be resolved, what is great, you always get another opportunity.I was surprised to read Indra Nooyi Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo in an interview with David Bradley, owner of the Atlantic Media Company, at the Aspen Ideas Festival say “I don’t think women can have it all. We pretend we can have it all…You know, you have to cope. Because you die with guilt. You just die with guilt.” It is a bit self-indulgent to say ‘you die with guilt’; you choose to carry guilt. Indra said she develops coping mechanism so why not just reject the guilt and accept you are doing your best?Women are often their own worst enemies they take on the role of martyrdom. I have an image of Indra self-flagellating. Guilt is intentional while regret is un-intentional, harm or pain caused to another person. I think Indra feeling is more regret than guilt nevertheless, these feelings can be paralysing if you do not acknowledge them (apologise if guilty) and get over it!

Life is Full of Hard Choices – Get over It!

My hope is that you develop coping strategies that allow you to acknowledge your feelings, adjust, forgive, apologise and move on, rather than holding-on to feelings that do not serve you.

Yes women can have it all – just like men:

  • Accept that things are not going to go all your way.
  • Do your best and do not worry about the rest.
  • Accept some balls will fall, you choose which.
  • Make the best choices in-light-of limited information.
  • Apologise if guilty, acknowledge regret and move on.
  • Take responsibility for situations you enable and decisions you make.
  • Ditch the guilt, it serves no-one.
  • Accept that you are good enough.

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