handshakeWe trust the personality in politics more than we trust the policies. This is why your personality in business must be portrayed through your brand values and your brand values answers the question – what do you stand for?

Once you and your customer know what you stand for, your value based integrity – what next? How do you gain your customers trust?

What is trust?

Paul Dunn in the Wealth Dynamics Trust Conference described Trust as the stories other tell about you, your legacy; he said it is about connection and the relationships you have with others. This is the way you engaged with others and how this engagement makes others feel and act. Paul said “The power of any idea is only ever in the implementation”.

How do you build trust?

Trust is established when you do the little things with value based integrity, you must not only think it you must act with integrity in every tiny way, always.

Richard Edelman, Edelman’s president & CEO, explains what engagement aspects matters today to achieve trust.

Richard said on building trust, business must meet expectations on engagement and integrity.

What matters today is:

  • Treating employees well.
  • Putting customers ahead of profit.
  • Transparency in what you are doing in your processes.

All of these engagement aspects are what builds trust in an organisation.

We live in a world in which transparency is the currency, transparency of character, structure and behaviour. The internet allows us all to see what is really going on, sure there is a variety of information but the more we participate and communicate there will be nowhere to hide. I believe consistency and integrity builds trust, consistency in:

  1. Who you are and what you stand for.
  2. What you do.
  3. How you do it
  4. Why you do it.

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These four elements are discussed in my book Business Evolution: Creating Growth in a Rapidly Changing World, in it I show you how to develop your Personal Business Personality and I talk about why and the importance of finding your why? Your why is a higher purpose that drive you to act consistently toward self-actualisation. Roger Hamilton said Trust links present to future, I believe why drives you in to your future.

2 Responses

  1. A very important post Janice. I agree that trust consists of so many more attributes than it used to and that for brands (individuals and companies) trust is much more fragile. Events like 2008 financial crash, dubious sources of meat in the supply chain etc bring this home. For people living gluten-free, they have to trust a manufacturer or food outlet to get their processes right – if the supplier is proven to be careless, people are not going to return or buy again.

    • Thank you for your comments and contribution Judy. I completely agree, if we cannot trust our supplier, our government our financial institutions structures break down – like building a house on sand it become unstable.

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