Time as a measurement Janice B Gordon

Time as a measurementWhat causes a feeling of overwhelm? – A lack of time management, a lack of structure and organisation and the discipline to stick to the principals. You probably realise that managing your time more effectively will help you to get more done and that it will give you a sense of achievement and reduce your stress.

If you manage your time, you will achieve a structure to your day, but let us look at how time can be made more effective. Effective time management is not a measure of how we manage time; it is a measure of value. Your business success depends on what you do and what it is worth rather than on how much time on the clock you spend doing it.

Start to see your time as a measurement of value and not as a cost of your time spent. The first is a benefit to you and your business that adds value, the second is a cost to you that is lost and resented.

Every day you want to add value to your business:

1.    Analyse what activities add the most value? This may be new customer attraction, new product development or managing staff.

2.    Prioritise your day, week, month by allocating the amount of time you will spend in the value adding activity. I would suggest blocking out the beginning of the day for your most value adding activity.

3.    List and systemise the tasks required under each of your important value adding activities.

4.    Stay motivated by recording the value each activity adds to your business; e.g. if a new client adds £1,000 in value to your business and on average it takes 10 hours to add a new client, each hour you spend on this activity add £100 to your business, so instead of costing you your time it is adding real value.

5.    Take five minutes at the end of each day to evaluate your success in achieving value added benefits in your business and fine-tune the value adding activities the following day.

6.    Take a minute before each value adding activity and decide on what result you want to achieve. Know what success looks like and the benefit of the activity, so that you execute the activity with focus.

You will never feel that your time is spent without the true benefit of value. Try it and let me know if this helps you to manage your time more effectively?

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