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Clarity and focusBusiness is difficult so be clear about your intent and authentic in all aspects of your business.

To receive an unsolicited call (yes a real live voice) these days is a welcome surprise, accept if its payment protection insurance.

Anyway I had a call from a professional networker who was promoting an exclusive event open to special invited guest/businesses. Wonderful!  Then I got “remind me what is it you do”, disguised as “what business are you looking for?”

Now if you Google my name Janice B Gordon, I am on the first, second, 3rd, page – WOW, I must be famous!  I should ring somebody, why is it that I can only think of Simon Cowell (that’s sad) – Note to self, ‘get out more’!

OK back to blog, please do your research! If you are going to be lazy do not bother to make the call; it is insulting.  This goes back to another blog ‘do not make your customer do the work to have to guess what you do for them’, maybe I have not written that one yet??

OK I am back! I found myself telling the caller what it was that I did for my customers and who those customers were. Now my website may not be the best but please bother to look at it, it is all there!

I would suggest next time the conversation should go like this: “ Hello Janice … I am on your website, am I right in thinking that you are looking for entrepreneurs with two years business experience, who want clarity and focus; and that you help them to grow their business by at least 20%, authentically?”  ‘Well I have XXX which will meet your need’. Do you think I, the customer, would be more likely to say yes to the offer?

Be clear about your intent is critical in business; Clarity and focus is the key to doing business authentically, this is about being clear about

·         What you offer

·         The need your offer serves

·         Why your customer would want that need servicing

·         Knowing how and when the need should be served

·         What words will convey this to your customer authentically.

I have a webinar which will give you a taste of what I offer for your business:

I have a workshop which will enable you to take your business to the next level authentically:

Do your research and check it out!

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