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Focus on an areaI meet entrepreneurs who happily tell me that they run several businesses, like; quantity is the measure of success.  There is a danger that the entrepreneur may give an impression that says ‘I am unfocused and a master of nothing special’ and of course this perception does not inspire confidence in the entrepreneur or their businesses.

It is not to say that an entrepreneur cannot manage several businesses. The purpose of exchanging information when introducing yourself and your business is to make connection; to develop trust and partnership. When talking about your business, think about your audience, only tell the potential partner information that is related to them and their business; information which will help to build confident and to engage the partner in further discussions. Remember the adage ‘sell the sizzle not the steak’ and ‘less is more’.

Richard Branson launched Virgin Records; he leveraged his reputation and credibility to grow his many other later businesses only after making a success of the first. Google started as a simple search engine and has developed in to a dominant powerhouse. states ‘do one thing better than anyone else to prove yourself in the minds of your customers’.

Business is competitive, demanding with constant challenges and opportunities, I believe:

·         You can only develop one business efficiently and effectively.

·         Progress will be slow without your full focus on the project.

·         Your stress level higher when your energies are diluted between projects.

·         Opportunities will pass you by if you are not completely focused on attracting and connecting opportunities.

Lynda Gratton in talking about three shifts says “if you know a lot about a little your competition is Wikipedia and Google; you need to build mastery to focus on an area that you love and are passionate about”

What we do is a way of defining who we are, given this, are you an expert, a master, the go-to-person or are you the ‘me-too’, ‘same as’ or ‘nothing special’ person? Be the best you can be at one thing that your customers want or need. Focus on how that one thing you do best can deliver value to your customers.

Discover The Dead-Easy but Essential 4 P Principles to Making Your Business Profitable; principles no 2 is Purpose: the focus of your business so your customer knows what you do for them.

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