The secret of absolute certainty Janice B Gordon

The secret of absoluteWhat I do for you?

I received a great testimonial from one of my mentoring clients which got me thinking about what it was that I do, what do I solve, what do I give? I create ‘Clarity and Focus’ in business for entrepreneurs and their business, but what underpins what I do for my clients?

Tony Robbins said “successful people do what failures won’t”.  So successful people do something unique and go that step further!

I love golf; if you hit a golf ball 1 millimetre off centre the arc of the ball increases with distances and the ball lands 2 metres off the line in the grass, the bunker or the water.  In describing this golfing predicament, Tony Robbins explains, most people think ‘it’s impossible and so give-up’, but actually he says, “You are only one millimetre away from success”.

How I do what I do for you?

Like any golfing coach, I analyse what you do in business and I look for the millimetre that can make a massive transformational change in you and your business.

We all have that little voice of doubt and fear, but I cannot hear the entrepreneur’s inner voice in their head.  All I see is the opportunities untarnished by any limiting beliefs. I am fuelled by my personal knowledge and experience, so I have no doubt in my head only absolute belief.  I have absolute certainty of your potential and your business opportunity.

My job is to transfer that total belief back to you, moving your mind-set from the experience of the past and onto your future path.

Some of the components I use to create transformational change

In 6 Keys to Self-Motivation Les Browns list the following keys components in achieving success:

·         Self-Mastery of our unlimited potential

·         Stop Settling and go to that step further

·         Develop a Health Plan

·         Live Life with Energy & Passion

·         Monitor Your Inner Conversations

·         Know Why You Are Doing It

If there is one element that is absolutely necessary to learn to succeed in business it is ‘Clarity and Focus’.  In this workshop I will teach you ‘Clarity’ about what you do and who you do it for and the ‘Focus’ to do it better than anyone else.

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