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Problem OpportunitiesI had a very challenging Friday, but today I nipped out and a pigeon POoS on my head from a great height, so after another shower I can only think that is must be a great week ahead?

In business as in life, things do not always go to plan.  It does not matter how much you plan for every circumstance, things still go wrong, people and venues let you down, systems fail, and sometimes our businesses let your customers down.

The important thing is to look disappointment in the face, assess the situation and do all you can to either resurrect the situation, give or get an apology and re-frame the situation.   Unless someone died then it is possible to turn every situation in to a possible.

“Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.” ~Unknown

My first draft of this blog was to complain about a venue that let me down and the consequence on my clients, my business, how to deal with disappointment and how to spend more energy on the solution than the problem.  But then the pigeon pooped on my head and I decide not to start my blog bemoaning my situation, but to talk more about converting problems onto opportunities.

Frank R Johnson in his article ‘Converting Problems Into Challenges and Opportunities’ he states, “the key empowerment to converting a problem into an opportunity lies in thinking outside the box. You have to suspend your limiting belief that there is no solution. Once you do, it will become obvious what you should do. If you stay inside the box, you are just going to put blinders on and not see your opportunities… (and) the harder it is to look outside.”

It is helpful to use a mentor or a friend who will ask the right questions to challenge your limiting belief and question:

·         What is the lesson here?

·         What are you not seeing here?

·         What are you meant to learn?

·         What are the connections that you need to make?

Frank says “there are always more choices than it may initially seem, and opportunities come when limiting beliefs are overcome. This can be an emotional process; it is important to allow emotions to arise and breathe through them without judgment. By being proactive, you can make significant changes in your daily life”.

All you can do is expect the best and proactively look for the lessons to convert problems into opportunities. The POo on my head has stopped me from passing my angst on to you and I have already written a blog about delivering consistently great customer service and have a great case study to use in my book about have not to ‘P’ ‘O’ your customers.

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