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  • Who is your biggest critic?
  • Who is your worst enemy?
  • What stops you from achieving your goal?


In my work with business owners helping them to grow their business I have experienced the statements above to be universally true. In identifying business owner’s individual growth path, I develop bespoke strategies and processes which align the business to their customer.  In my experience, few of the insights will be followed consistently unless the business owner realigns their thoughts and behaviours to acknowledge the above statements and recognise the statements below are true:

  • What is your biggest asset?
  • Who can do anything they choose too?
  • Who knows you best?


You succeed in the mind before you can make a success of your reality. Everything we do starts with a thought and if that thought limits our belief in our ability or in the process than we have a bad habit of undermining our own success.

We all have limiting beliefs fed by our early experiences and fuelled by our internal negative talk.  It is important not to ignore the internal negative talk but acknowledge that it is a protective programme that can work against us.  We fed the file with experiences created at a very early age, when we were not emotionally equipped to filter the file but now the programme runs on false information and forms our core beliefs.  The programme will run but we can choose to re-write the file with new experiences and un-limiting beliefs.

I sometimes get my clients to write a timeline from 0 to 100 in years and note the milestone events in their life; these milestones are the things that changed our thinking or direction. The negative events are below the line and the positive events are above the timeline. Then in the space between the negative and positive to write what they learnt or gained from the negative event. I ask the client to block out the negative and put up the timeline showing only the positive events and lessons learnt and to look at it daily.  It is so easy to focus on the negative and overlook what we have achieved or what we have learnt and recognise what is great about us.

To Un-limit your Beliefs:

  • Be aware of the self talk and question the limiting belief ‘I will never earn more than £x’
  • Replace it with another un-limited belief ‘I can earn whatever I want’
  • Recognise the emotional payoff having the limiting belief ‘I do not have to face my fear of failure’ 
  • Ask yourself “Is the emotional payoff worth the limiting belief”? If NO        
  • Find evidence to support your Un-limited belief ‘I earn £x when I did Y project’ or ‘I secured a contract worth          

Z’. The timeline will be a useful reference.

You can take it a step further to re-enforce your Un-limiting Beliefs, view my blog on building confidence and a business growth mindset http://bit.ly/WRldHe. Let me know have you got on?

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