Janice B Gordon Unlimited Potential


Janice B Gordon Unlimited Potential

You and I are taught by our parents, teachers, colleagues and friends to seek answers in the external world. We are told: you must work hard, you must pass exams, make friends, build relationships, get a career, and stay in a job.

OK you do all this and then what? Does your soul feel fulfilled? Are you fulfilling your purpose?

When I was 15, my careers teacher told me I was not intelligent enough to do ‘A levels’. He said I should become a Nurse like my Mother, or a Cook. He made it difficult for me to continue in education – Why? Because of his perception of my capabilities, the external world judging what’s in my inner world.

How many of you have allowed someone else’s BULLSHIT block your path?

The limitation my careers teacher set forced on me, led me to question whether the perception of the external world was correct, and to explore who was, what do I wanted and what I wanted to become?

Our parents, our teachers and influencers all present advice and judgements based on their history of past experience and knowledge, it is their perspective. I am not suggesting you do not listen to influential people, I am asking you to reflect on what their answer means to you.  You can only understand the meaning if you connect with who you are.

I realised to connect with the external world, in a meaningful way, I had to connect with myself first.

It is estimated that 95% of what you think and say is unconscious, this is your internal unlimited source of knowledge and insight. If you become conscious of what is now unconscious, you tap into a powerful source within you that can transform how you think and act in your internal and external world.

If you want to change your external world for nurturing relationships, purposeful work and making a meaningful contribution, then you must take action and journey into your inner world and tap into your unlimited source.

Do not leave it to the perception of others to direct and inspire your soul.

4 Tips to connect with your internal unlimited source

  1. Meditation

Mediation opens up your channels to the unconscious mind, you learn to quiet your conscious mind and tap into your true self of unlimited potential without judgement.

  1. Uncover your core values

This is what is important to you and most importantly WHY. Your values are not those imposed on you by the expectations of others they guide you to be better with purpose.

  1. Happy to be whatever that may be

Acceptance is not settling for less, it is letting go of the blocks that stop you from being your true self and let go of the ‘should’ and should-nots’.

  1. Listening to what is right for you

Listening to your internal wisdom, it answers yes to both these questions: Does it feel right? Is it doing good?

When you access your internal source of unconscious wisdom, you know what you want and know what makes you happy and fulfilled. You say no to things that do not serve you and you attract the right people, situations and experiences from the external world, that are align with what you want and your purpose. You build a purposeful internal life and make a meaningful external contribution.

I challenge you that neither I nor anyone else has the answer, only you can uncover the questions and discover the answers that are right for you.



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