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20 years ago we built relationships slowly face 2 face, now we have to adapt or be left behind. Technology enabled relationship building beyond what we thought possible 20 years ago. Whether you are job hunting, gaining clients in business or building social relationships this is a socially connected world.

Remember that our social networks are searchable, even when privacy settings are set extremely high; it is always possible to find out personal information, you control most of what goes out.

Of course, the negativity surrounding the chatter of social media and security of the internet is a concern; this is countered by the many positive influence and impact. Now your message can be shared with more people, spread farther and faster than at any other point in time, just think of the good you can do by sharing positive messages with the world.

Why develop a Brand YOU?

Dr. Seuss said “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is You-er than You.”

It is difficult to stand out in a competitive and crowded world, as the principal representative of you; you are the first presentation of you and your business. Your customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholder meet, judge and buy you. The best you can do to influence the first presentation is to be the best you can be and magnetise the personality, characters, brand values, style and presentation

How do you magnetise your personality and attract the relationships that are right for you? In simple terms; if you are a colourful person, be a colourful business and attract colourful people, colourful customer and other colourful companies, this is your tribe, your people are colourful.

How do other people know who you are unless you tell them?

Remember if you do not fill the space the others will for you. This is about developing a Personal Business Personality/ Brand You. To magnetise your profile be ‘you-re than you – so who are you?

To distinguish your offer from the other similar offers ‘me too’, align your character and your values. State four of your characters and two of your values and strategically portray these throughout your business.

I want to build a relationship with a tangible character; I am attracted to people with similar values and emotional personality. To trust the people, I buy from I must connect and engage with them.

I laugh at my silliness if you laugh too; chances are that we share a similar sense of humour. Then we are going to be laughing all day long, and I want to do business with or work with these people.

Your Personal Business Personality will be representative of your thoughts, values, experiences, character and of your business.  Customers, colleagues, employees and the world will be able to identify and engage with you and your business. For more practical exercises on how to develop your Personal Business Personality get my book Business Evolution on Amazon.

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