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1357125718I dislike the year-end excess and debauchery; shopping drinking and eating like it is going out of fashion. Then the New Year starts with regret having spent and indulged too much. Is this any way to start a New Year?

In this environment we are encouraged to set goals, make resolutions and commitments for the year ahead.  No wonder we fail to follow-through. Create the right environment for success

You are a leader of your own destiny, not a follower.  Do not do anything that you feel you SHOULD do; (a conscious should is an unconscious will not) only do what you want or need.

I am inclined to mull-over my goals and think through my plans when I am relaxed, such as when I am on holiday, this is when I have clear thoughts and fantasies. In this relaxed state my creative mind is dominant and I have no limiting beliefs, I am happy as a bird and my thoughts are free to fly.

Create the mind set and environment for your thoughts to fly.

Our environment shapes our mind-set and identity: I have no problem believing I can do anything and that I can successfully achieve my goals, when I am happy and relaxed in a beautiful environment.

If you are not in the right state of mind and/or environment, have a stinking cold, feel tired, drained or stress – do not set you goals for 2013. It is like food shopping when you are hungry, or clothes shopping when you are depressed; you are guaranteed to overspend and buy the wrong items. Setting you goals from a negative place is not going to reap the required commitment and results.

Stop putting yourself under pressure to do what you should do and do what is best for you.  The only pressure you need to be under is to be fit, happy and healthy both physically and mentally.  The only commitment you need to make is not to make one until you can be in the mind-set that will give your goals the clarity and commitment they need.

This does not mean you procrastinate until the end of 2013 to set your goals; it is creating awareness that your mind set and environment are important factors in successfully achieving your goals.  You can create your mind set and environment.

Start the year right and it will end where you want it to be.

Let your thoughts fly.

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