5491167Why blend in, when you were born to stand out?

We exist in a competitive world; everyone is jutting for position so it is easy to get lost in the crowd.  Look on your competition as a good thing, it is forces you to define who you are, what you stand for and what position you want to command; it also keeps you on our toes. You may feel the competition is overwhelming and that you will never get ahead of the crowd, in this situation is crucial to focus on what is within your control and not on what is not. There is evidence that your interpersonal skills play a major role in the amount of influence you have and the money you earn. The Carnegie Foundation with Stanford Research Institute conducted independent studies that revealed that 85% of our success depends on our communication and relationship building skills and not on our technical skills. Developing your social skills will increase your earning potential says Grace and Charm, by opening doors of opportunity, enhance your relationships, attract better and higher paying customers or clients, increase your self-esteem, and position you to attain power and influence. Standing out in a crowd is more than just increasing your earning ability and it is being recognised for being you and being respected as the ‘goto’ person or business. It is having the respect of your peers and the ability to influence and share the gifts of what you and your business has to offer the world. So standing out in a crowd requires the creation of consistent habits to: 1.    Be yourself, know thy self first – what do you stand for? 2.    Be present giving 100% of your attention. 3.    Engage, follow-up and respond promptly. 4.    Get involved in an associations or a group in your personal or professional life, then ask questions and sit at the front. 5.    Master your art; spend at least 1 hour a day on your personal or professional development. 6.    Stay connected, seeking to do for others rather than looking for the pay-off. 7.    Be unexpected, do something new and get out of your comfort zone. People that stand out are those that acknowledge their fears and do what they must do. I have an eBook ‘How to Stand out from the Crowd’.  In the eBook I talk you through some of the key elements:

  • Be Yourself
  • What’s So Special About You
  • Engage Your Customer
  • Stay Focused

You can download it free, just go to my website link, register your details and the book will be yours to ‘Stand Out’.

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