Why it is important to have Personality and Purpose Janice B Gordon

1455694Having Passion and Purpose are crucial motivators in business, without a clear understanding of what Passion and Purpose means to you, it can be difficult to continually motivate yourself and others through difficult times in business.

I have employed staff and sometimes I miss the challenge, as much as a few employees were a nightmare, most were a joy to be around.  It is huge responsibility being accountable for the welfare and well-being of your employees and liable for their wages. I miss motivating employees with my vision and passion and enthusing them with purpose and a vision of the end goal.

I use the same passion and purpose to enthuse my clients.  I find that I can visualise the end- goal clearly, having the benefit wider experience and knowledge; seeing their customers point of view and an overview of the business.  Having grown businesses and employed staff I know what it is like to get lost in and overwhelmed by the detail of your own business.  This is when identifying your Passion and Purpose is essential to getting clarity and focus of what is important to you and what is important in your business.

I talk to entrepreneurs about why it is important to put their personality into their business – so customers can identify, engage and transact. Personality has an important part to play in engaging and communicating your values and expectations to employees and in giving the character of your brand identity to customers.

Your Personal Business Personality is the first building block to identify you and your business. Purpose is the clarity and business focus, so your employees know what and why you do what you do and your customers’ understand what you do for them.

Kristi LeBlanc supports this with ‘Your goal as a leader should be to uplift the beliefs of your employees. As a leader you establish your personal style and “brand,” in part, based upon the level of positive energy in your actions, reactions, vision, beliefs, interactions, relationships, progress, and expressions of gratitude.’ http://bit.ly/UQREun

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