7744835What you Resist Persists’ this is True in Business as in Life.

While I was away over Christmas I read the book Easy – Stories from an effortlessly created life by Jennifer Manson. Since my return I have thought of all the ways I fight what is and so I have adopted a mantra ‘what do I have to learn from this challenge?’

I have always believed ‘everything happens for a reason’ and here is the ‘but’ I in the past, have resisted when things have not gone my way. With all of our character traits it is difficult to know when to persist and when to let go. Jennifer said “Sometimes things that sort of need doing might still be better not done.”

My sister was no a standby flight out of Lima and kept getting bumped off the daily flight and by the 4th day of packing, leaving the hotel, travelling to the airport, waiting and then getting bumped off the flight, she was very upset and distressed thinking of all she was losing.  I said to her, if you were in Lima for another 3 days, how can you make use of this time? You could go to the beach for 3 days; you could sit, relax and read – when do you get time to read for 3 days? You could write your business plan and action plans for 2014 or you can stress and resist what is a challenging situation that you have no control over. My sister got on the flight on the 7th day, but relaxed and ready for the next challenge.

When resisting a challenging situation we forget we have choices.

Carl Jung said “What you resist persists.” This statement is true in business as in life. The law of attraction encourages us to focus on what we do want rather than on what we do not want, there is a resistance of ‘I want to get on that flight, I do not want to stay in Lima’ our brain reads ‘do not’ as ‘do’ so there is a conflict ‘I do want to get on the flight, I do want to stay in Lima’.

Jennifer says that ‘we make things hard work, because either we believe that’s how it should be, or because we are not committed to the outcome.’ Rather than resist, decide your options and work towards the outcome. If you have ever thought ‘there must be an easier way’, that is because there is one you just have to choose it. 

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