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How to reorganise Janice B Gordon

How to Reorganise your Business for Success in 2014

Why your Business needs to be Reorganised for Success in 2014!

Part 9 of Relax, Recoup Review & Reorganise.  Janice B Gordon talks about the functional areas that might be affected in the reorganisation of your business to successfully achieve your goals in 2014.

Annual Goals are set in context of your 5 year Strategic Plan, Vision & Values and your 10 year Mission & Purpose.

Annual goals are Focused, SMART and broken-down into functional Action Plans.

The ten part series of Relax, Recoup, Review and Reorganise provides insights on:

How to maintain your peak state?

How to listen to what your mind and body is telling you?

How to align your mind and body so you can maintain your energy levels throughout the year as there is no point having your goals in place if your mind and body is not in tune and your energy levels are not at their peak.

How to review your past year with gratitude.

How to monitor and maintain yourself and your goals throughout the year.

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